Brutal Wear Open 2017

Brutal Wear Open Tennis Tournament

15th Annual Brutal Wear Open Tennis Tournament.

Saturday, August 12th to Monday, August 14th 2017

Spectator Schedule

Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 3pm. Finals start at 1:30pm


This year's tournament promises to be bigger and better. All players will receive a tournament t-shirt, free massages, and VIP pass which entitles them to free food and refreshments throughout the tournament weekend.

The prize money is as follows:



Men's Open Singles Winner $2500
Finalist $1000
Semifinals $100
Quarterfinals $40

Men's Open Doubles Winner $600/team
Finalist $300/team

Women's Open Singles Winner $250

Women's Open Singles Finalist $125



Player gifts will be awarded to winners and finalists of all other divisions (Women's Doubles, Mens and Women's age levels 35, 45, and 55 singles, Mens and Women's levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 singles and doubles). The prize money for the Women's Open Singles is based on 16 or more players. If less than 16 players participate, the winner and finalist will receive player gifts.


  • The tournament is a 3 day event starting Saturday, August 12th and going through Monday, August 14th.
  • USTA rules will be strictly enforced. Athletic trainers will be on site for the entire tournament.
  • Players MUST be able to play starting early afternoon on Friday and as early as 8 am Saturday and Sunday




The following hotels are in the area of the tournament.
Call early to reserve. Rooms are going fast.

Village Inn 920-794-8818

Fox Hills 920-755-2365

Super 8 920-684-7841





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We would like to thank our sponsors for their support.

Lakeshore Screen Printing & Embroidery
Larry's Distributing
Baileigh Industrial
Lakeside Pepsi
Riverwood Maritime Credit Union
Pizza Ranch
Beerntsen's Confectionary
Maritime Ford
Aurora Health Care
Lakeshore Chiropractic
Lakeshore Signs
Lakeshore Storage
Design Zoo
Natural Ovens Bakery
The Honey Pot
Manitowoc Piggly Wiggly
Manitowoc YMCA
The Village Inn on the Lake
Schenck Business Solutions
Investors Community Bank
Tony's Pizza
Shipbuilders Community Credit Union
Cawley Company
American Family Insurance - Tim Terp Agency
Asphalt Seal & Repair



Past Brutal Wear Open Winners


Men's Open Singles Winner-Jean Erasmus
Men's Open Singles Finalist-Peter Tarwid
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Robert Gates/Brad Holt
Men's Open Doubles Finalist-Peter Tarwid/Thomas Kroczek

Men's Open Singles Winner-Tony Larson
Men's Open Singles Finalist-Drew Lied
Men's Open Doubles Winners-Larson/Leisner
Men's Open Doubles Finalists-Koross/Lied

Men's Open Singles Winner-Dennis Nevolo
Men's Open Singles Finalist-Nelson Vick
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Drew Lied/Nelson Vick
Men's Open Doubles Finalist-Alexandru Gasca Silav/Stratton Gilmore

Men's Open Singles Winner-Tim Kpulun
Men's Open Singles Finalist-Robbye Poole
Men's Open Doubles Winners-Tony Larson/Robbye Poole
Men's Open Doubles Finalists-Byron Balkin/Andrew Bayliss

Men's Open Singles Winner-Luis Perez
Men's Open Singles Finalist-Adam Morgan
Men's Open Doubles Winners-Joel Kielbowicz/Slavko Radman
Men's Open Doubles Finalists-Adam Morgan/Brett Morse-Karzen

Men's Open Singles Winner-Tony Larson
Finalist-Jeremy Sonkin
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Adam Morgan/Brett Morse-Karzen
Finalist-Jack Schiro/William Bertha

Men's Open Singles Winner-Nicholas Edlefsen
Finalist-Robbye Poole
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Nicholas Edlefsen/Robbye Poole
Finalist-Robert Gates/Adam Morgan

Men's Open Singles Winner-Brian Compton
Finalist-Carlos Llanes
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Joseph Bates/Jeremy Sonkin
Finalist-John Kauss/Adam Morgan

Men's Open Singles Winner-Michael Venus (current New Zealand Davis Cup player)
Finalist-Joel Kielbowicz
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Adam Morgan/Brett Morse-Karzen
Finalist-Colin Purcell/Dane Chuntraruk

Men's Open Singles Winner-Mark Barry
Finalist-Tate Whitlinger
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Mark Barry/Graham Hill
Finalist-Kevin Carnell/Benjamin Wustrack

Men's Open Singles Winner-Bobby Hagenow
Finalist-John Frausto
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Bobby Hagenow/Thomas Heidenberger
Finalist-Dennis Niemi/Mark Stinski

Men's Open Singles Winner-Danny Westerman
Finalist-Matt Brothers
Men's Open Doubles Winner-Benjamin Davis/Armando Espinosa
Finalist-Lee Busse/Durel Morris






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